The new store is up,  go to the”store “section to find the link. Sorry for the delay! Thanks
Hello all, everything is fine over here in DOAM land. Just currently making moves to get some releases going so news will be going up in the next couple weeks in relation to that news. Other than that, check out the store, buy some cool limited merch. 

Hey all, web store is back up you can visit it here and also on the web store section.If you haven’t picked up  The Shroud’s 7″ the press is almost half gone, and going fast. So please pick it up before its gone forever. Also i found a few more Time For Change “Bye Bye Blackbird” 7″s, so that will be in the online store as well. If you feel so inclined, pick that up.

The webstore is down temporarily, but don’t fret, you can go to the store section, and find details on how to get Death Of A Modernist merchandise. So head over and check it out.

Just a quick heads up, the webstore is back up, so if you’ve had issues getting to it, the problems been resolved. Visit the webstore by clicking the following link
Death Of A Modernist Records Webstore


Hello everyone, For those who bought the mailorder version, Youre package will be going out this monday. I’m sorry for the terrible delay, But finally this record is done and completed. I’m amazed at how fast its going all ready. So thanks to all who supported and bought the EP and those showing continual support and patience.

Also, if you’ve been trying to get into the webstore, i apologize for it being down temporarily, itll will be back up around monday. If you’d like order something sooner, that can be arranged. Just go to the “contact” portion of the site and shoot me a email.

A Quick Update:
Some new items were added to the Webstore in the “distributed items” (Glory Kid Records/Assault Records).
Click here to go to the store.
The Shroud record is allmost ready to get shipped out, thanks for patience everyone.
Listen to The Shroud here.
A Photozine will be released through the label, limited to 33 copies. More info later.

New Release and New Distributed Titles:

The Shroud “s/t” 7″ is now availiable for order in our online store. Good news for the early birds is that you can order a limited Mail order version of the record (hand numbered with alternative sleeve and cover) limited to 12 copies. If you do miss out on that, you can still pick up the regular version of the record, which in its self is very limited (only to 100 copies on deep purple wax). So snag one while you can.

(Mailorder version)
(Normal Version)

Also, in the “Distributed Titles” sections of the store, you will find a few new releases by some great labels. So go check those out, and dont miss out on those either.

Abandon Tour Dates!
Abandon is setting out on a 16 day Northwest tour. They will be touring in support of their new Full Length LP entitled “The Death Of Urgency”. Below are the dates, see if they are stopping in your area:

July 19th – The Underground – Mesa, AZ
July 20th – The Boing Collective – SLC, Utah
July 22nd – Second Space (Abandon, The Current, more TBA) Spokane, Wa
July 24th – The Viaduct – Tacoma, WA
Jully 25th – The Black Lodge – Seattle Wa
July 26th – TBA – Portland, Or
July 27th -Sues Java Cafe – Redding Cafe, Ca
July 28th – Fort Ryland – Reno, NV
July 29th – House – Oakland, Ca
July 30th – TBA – Santa Cruz, Ca
July 31st – TBA – Santa Barbara , Ca

You can listen to Abandon here

The Shroud s/t 7″, Abandon tour, TFC record almost OOP, Shroud Shirts.

The Shroud s/t 7″ tests are in and approved. So the record will be out in the next few weeks. This release is limited to 100 copies on Dark puple vinyl. This will likely be a limited run and once its gone its gone. There will be an alternative cover to accompany this release, details on how to obtain is forthcoming. Also check out the bands respective myspaces to see upcoming shows and tours.

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Abandon will embark on a 16 Day tour of the West coast to support the new LP that was released “The Death Of Urgency” You can check out the dates and listen to abandon HERE.They dont tour often so please

The Time For Change “Bye Bye blackbird” 7″ is nearly OOP and im down to my last copies. So if you havent picked up this little piece of hardcore history, do so now before it is lost in obscurity forever. You can listen to Time For Change HERE and buy the record HERE.

We will also have a new T shirts in the Store for The Shroud, Like everything else these will be limted run, and likely a one time press. When these are up in the store i will make a post. Below is said design.

Any questions or comments? Email me :


You can now buy Death Of A Modernist Releases from the following distribution companies:

Revelation Records Distribution/Wholesale
Ebullition Wholesale/Distribution

New distributed Items section in the webstore. Check it out

Click here.


All Pre-orders are now shipped. (no thanks to not only my paypal fucking me over but Wells Fargo too).
But thanks to everyone being patient.

Also add us on facebook: Here


..Coming soon

Hey everyone, through many complications with my current band and paypal being excessively lame. The first batch of preorders have shipped out. The rest will also go out this week. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for being patient.


Abandon Record release show.


Abandon vinyl is in as of yesterday, and he pre-orders will be shipping out next week (jah willing). The vinyl looks great, and i am really excited to finally have them in and go out to you guys. I will be updating the pressing info section with pictures of the Test, Black vinyl and Red vinyl (for all you pretentious assholes out there). Also the pre-orders are nearly sold out, so dont sleep on these, Because frankly im surprised at how fast they sold.

Deathofamodernist mailing list!
If youd like to be added to the mailing list just shoot me an email at
Just let me know youd like to be added and you will be the first to receive emails about upcoming releases, tours, merch and bands!

In other news, Death Of A Modernist Records welcomes The Shroud to the label.
The Shroud are a hardcore band from The Inland Empire in California. Plans are to record in early april and release a Demo, with a legitimate release coming later this year. Below are links for The Shrouds Myspace and Blog.

The Time For Change “Bye bye blackbird” 7″ is nearly Out of Print. So again, don’t sleep on this. Im so surprised at the amount we’ve sold. This final 7″ is a glimpse of what a certain scene in this area that has since died. Don’t let this record slip in obscurity without you owning a copy.
Buy it here!

The #1 shirt in the “1thousandbirds” Series is also selling pretty well, limited sizes and now quantities are availiable. pick up this sharp looking shirt while you can!
Buy It Here!

Check out the pressing info section, for updates.


Coool Updates for today! First of all, The response I’ve gotten for the Abandon “The Death Of Urgency” Pre-orders. It is extremely humbling to have such a response. And i constantly tell the band of the news, And needless to say, they are just as stoked as i am! On the Abandon front, We recieved tests press’  this week. And let me tell you, they are flawless. We are so excited for you guys to get the final product really REALLY soon. That being said, If you haven’t Pre-ordered the Full Length, get on that. Because like i said before I’ve got a great response. So I wouldnt sleep on it. Below are links to purchase the Pre-order, the link can also be found in the “Store” section.

Also, Today we start the sale of the Shirt Series entitled “Onethousandbirds”, And this is the first installment of this shirt series. Theres a limited number of shirts Availiable (10 in each size) and will be a ONE TIME PRINT. I’ve sold 4 since ive taken em out of the box. So If you’re interested, Buy fast. Because at this rate they will be gone so fast. You can find a link purchase in the store section. Below is what the shirts look like.
DOAM shirt

Also, I’ve added a Links section. So check it out. (theres no much on there yet. But i will build it as we go)